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River & Rail 2022-2023 Season Casting Breakdown

SPECIAL NOTE: River & Rail’s Mission Statement: Through the power and beauty of theatre, we seek to unite people from all backgrounds to experience and participate in stories that embody our shared humanity. 

In July 2020, We See You White American Theatre (WSYWAT) published their well-considered and comprehensive list of demands, and River & Rail has been and will continue to use this document as a guide in our efforts to become an actively antiracist theatre company. 

Our values and commitments can be found at

The Little Prince

Written by Rick Cummins & John Scoullar

Directed by Joshua Peterson


Rehearsals Begin: Aug 15

Performances: Sept 23 – Oct 9


In River & Rail Theatre Co.’s first-ever Theatre for Young Audiences production, we get to bring one of our favorite children’s stories to life. When a world-weary aviator finds themself stranded in a strange new world, the friendship and guidance of a small child enables them to shed what is not useful and pay attention to the life and beauty before their eyes. The Little Prince takes on an imaginative and playful perspective, reminding us all what it is like to look at the world through children’s eyes again. “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Casting & Descriptions – All Roles are Paid

The Aviator: 25-55 years old, any gender, any race:  Artistic & Analytical, A grown-up trying to remember their childhood.

The Little Prince: 10-25 years old, any gender, any race: Innocent, Spry, Wise & Imaginative.

2-6 Ensemble Members: 10-65+, any gender, any race: Each ensemble member will play one or more of the following roles: Rose, King, Conceited Man, Lamplighter, Geographer, Snake & Fox. Ensemble members must be able to move well and lift up to 50lbs. Dance or movement training is a plus!

The Wolves

Written by Sarah DeLappe

Directed by Grechen Wingerter


Rehearsals Begin: Oct 21  

Performances: Dec 2-18


Squats, jumping jacks, quads, hamstrings, butterfly, periods, Trigonometry, pressure, expectations, loss…Sarah DeLappe takes teenage girls seriously, “I wanted to see a portrait of teenage girls as human beings – as complicated, nuanced, very idiosyncratic people who weren’t just girlfriends, or sex objects or manic pixie dream girls but who were athletes and daughters and students and scholars and people who were actively trying to change the world around them.” This sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, and sometimes terrifying play takes an insider’s look at a high school girls soccer team and finds a full human microcosm there.

*Presented as a Co-Production between Pellissippi State Community College Department of Theatre and River & Rail Theatre Company.

Casting & Descriptions

#11: 18+; female, all ethnicities. Midfield. Brainy, morbid, budding elitist, thoughtful; smart and she knows it, watches documentaries, columnist for high-school newspaper; both of her parents are psychiatrists; a bit of a know-it-all, she enjoys policing and correcting her teammates. Junior at East High.

#25: 18+; female, all ethnicities. Captain. Classic ex-coach’s daughter; she keeps the team on track, even if she’d rather join in on the fun, and loves a good pep talk; a hard worker, a good leader; emotionally closed off, she discovers her first crush on a woman and shaves her head. Junior at East High.

#13: 18+; female, all ethnicities.; open ethnicity. Midfield. Class clown, jock, a bit of a bro, her older brother’s a stoner, and they definitely play FIFA; into her wackiness; refuses to take anything too seriously, she lives to rib her teammates, which can get her in hot water. Junior at East High.

#46: 18+; female, all ethnicities.. Bench. The new girl, awkward, different; homeschooled, she lives in a yurt with her new age travel writer mom; her nomadic life has left her with idiosyncratic passions (bird-watching) and a lack of social skills, but she doesn’t seem to mind; extraordinary soccer skills are essential; she must juggle a soccer ball for a minute, or perform a similarly impressive feat.

#2: female, 18+ to play 16; open ethnicity. Defense. Innocent, unlucky, kind, skinny; sweet, naive, and sheltered, she considers herself a nice and humble person; she is a member of her church’s youth group and of Amnesty International, along with the oldest sister and caretaker of her many younger siblings; has an eating disorder; has suffered multiple concussions; doesn’t like talking bad about others. Junior at East High.

#7: 18+; female, all ethnicities. Striker. Too cool for school; sarcastic, “f*ck,” thick eyeliner; the child of a bad divorce, her lawyer father owns a ski house, and she’s dating a college boy–they’re very much in love; has problems with authority. Junior at St. Albans, Catholic all-girls school.

#14: 18+; female, all ethnicities. Midfield. #7’s insecure sidekick; just switched to contacts; she’s modeling herself on the cool girl, #7, but begins to rebel after a ski weekend gone wrong; her mother is Soccer Mom, very involved in her life. Junior at St. Albans, Catholic all-girls school.

#8: 18+; female, all ethnicities. Defense. “Omigosh,” plays dumb, goofy, giggly, excitable, a crier, a dreamer; obsessed with “The Lord of the Rings” and making it to nationals in Miami; her mom died when she was ten, and she never talks about it; she lives in a self-inflicted state of innocence. Junior at East High.

#00: 18+; female, all ethnicities. Goalie. Intense performance anxiety, social anxiety, perfectionist, high achiever; she has a 4.9 GPA, is Editor in Chief of the high-school newspaper, plays cello; before every game, she stops talking and vomits; militant. East High.

Soccer Mom: female, 40s-50s. Manic with grief, warm, and generous, she is a suburban woman who prides herself on her involvement in her teenager’s lives; in the wake of her daughter’s death, she sees herself as a mother to all, and would rather console her daughter’s teammates than admit her tragedy; never misses a game; verbal dexterity is essential; she is spinning very fast to avoid looking at her unthinkable loss.

The Unusual Tale of Mary and Joseph’s Baby – Concert Performance

Music and Lyrics by Don Chaffer

Book by Chris Cragin Day


Rehearsals Begin: Dec 5

Performances: Dec 21-23


After five incredible years of producing THE UNUSUAL TALE OF MARY AND JOSEPH’S BABY, the River & Rail team is taking a break and stepping back to just enjoy the music. We love the community that we’ve built around this show, and we want everyone to join us for this intimate, magical evening to celebrate the beautiful humanity of the nativity story. In this limited run, we will gather in candle light and simplicity to experience the music that has gone home in our hearts every Christmas season since 2016. This is a very HUMAN take on the nativity story that asks, “What if Mary and Joseph were real people, refugees, in a real relationship, and all of the craziness of an immaculate conception really happened? How would they respond, in the most human of ways?” 


Casting & Descriptions

MARY 20’s, female. High energy, passionate, and optimistic. Mary constantly wrestles with being true to her faith and her purpose. Mezzo-Soprano/Soprano-like voices. Actively seeking performers of diverse cultural and racial backgrounds. All body types encouraged to submit.


JOSEPH 20’s-30’s, male. Measured, caring, conflicted. Joseph keeps trying to arrive at what his part of this larger story is. Bari-tenor/Tenor-like voices. Actively seeking performers of diverse cultural and racial backgrounds. All body types encouraged to submit.

ELIZABETH/AVIGAIL/ENSEMBLE Any age, any race, female. A multi-track role with both comedic and dramatic highlights. 

BENJAMIN/MICAH/ENSEMBLE Any age, any race, male. A multi-track role, primarily comedic.

The Mountain Top

Written by Katori Hall

Directed by Geovonday Jones


Rehearsals Begin: Jan 16

Performances: Feb 17-March 5


What was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. thinking about as he sat on his stiff, polyester-covered bed at the Lorraine Motel on his last night alive? Did he have any idea what was about to happen? What would he have wanted people to know about him? Katori Hall takes a stunning look at all of these questions and fills them in with brilliant imagination in her play THE MOUNTAINTOP. A speech, a storm, a visitation, a vision: how does a hero’s journey end?

Casting & Descriptions

Dr Martin Luther King, Jr: Male, Mid to Late 30s, Black. Nobel Peace Prize-winning civil rights movement leader, charismatic, brooding, conflicted and thoughtful.

Camae: Female, 18-30, Black. a Lorraine Motel maid, charming, street-smart, confident, and straightforward. Has a secret.

White Rabbit Red Rabbit

Written by Nassim Soleimanpour


Rehearsals: N/A

Performances: April 13-23



No director. No set. No rehearsal. This one-person show is written to be handed to its performer, on the night of their performance, in front of a live audience, to be performed cold turkey. And it is absolutely stunning to watch, every single time.

Fun Home, the musical

Based on the Graphic Novel by Alison Bechdel

Music by Jeanine Tesori

Lyrics and Book by Lisa Kron


Rehearsals Begin: May 1

Performances: June 2-18


Tony Award-winning duo, Jeanine Tesori and Lisa Kron, masterfully capture graphic novelist Alison Bechdel’s coming-of-age story in FUN HOME. As a father and his daughter struggle to open up to one another, they each go on their own journey of discovering love, queerness and all of the pain and beauty that comes with such an awakening. Will their common path be something they can one day share? 

Casting & Descriptions

Alison: 40-45 years old, Caucasian female. A lesbian Cartoonist. Narrator of the story, very self-aware. Witty. Wry. Able to insightfully comment on her own journey and the complex relationship with her father and his tragic death. (Range: E3-D5)

Small Alison: 9-10 years old, Caucasian female. Precocious and opinionated, figuring out why she doesn’t feel she fits in on how girls are expected to behave and dress. Singer that doesn’t have a traditional Broadway belt sound. (Range: A3-E5)

Medium Alison: 20-24 years old, Caucasian female. A Freshman at Oberlin College. Discovering herself and her sexuality. Intelligent, well read and socially awkward. Singer with a strong belt with a mix to E. (Range: G3-E5)

Bruce Bechdel: 45-50 years old, Caucasian male. Alison’s father, a high school English teacher who is also a funeral home director. Spends his spare time on the historic restoration of his home. Brilliant, deceitful, hard to know; trapped in a life that does not suit him yet unsure about how to leave it. Loving and attentive to his children but also shows flairs of anger. Strong singer. (Range: A2-G4)

Helen Bechdel: 45-55 years old, Caucasian female. A gifted pianist and actress. Alison’s mother has spent her life trying to be a good mother and wife but is frustrated with her marriage and her husband’s relationships with other men. Singer. (Range: A3-E5)

Christian Bechdel: Alison’s brother, around 10 years old. As the oldest of the three children, he strives to be the leader, but is sometimes overshadowed by Alison’s strong personality. (Range: C#4-D5)

John Bechdel: Alison’s brother, around 6 years old. Like most boys his age, he is full of energy with a quirky imagination. (Range: C#4-E5)

Roy/Mark/Pete/Bobby: 23-26 years old, male. Any ethnicity. Roy, a young man Bruce hires to do yard work. Mark, a junior in high school. Pete, a mourner at the funeral home. Bobby Jeremy, the lead singer in a 70’s rock band. Sexy, youthful, appears shirtless in one scene with a strong pop voice.

Joan: 23-25 years old, female, any ethnicity. A college student. Alison’s first girlfriend whom she meets at Oberlin. Joan is a poet, feminist, and activist. Funny and Perceptive. No solo singing, but comfortable with singing. (Range: G3-G4)